About Hardisty

Hardisty is a construction consulting firm providing construction litigation services and general consulting services to attorn homeowners, homeowner associations and property managers. At the present time, 90 percent of the consulting services we provide are in construction litigation, while the remaining 10 percent are providing construction management services. The majority of our involvement in construction litigation consists of representing sub-contractors, although Hardisty also represents developers and homeowners.

Hardisty currently provides consulting services in Southern and Northern California.

While the greater part of the consulting services provided by Hardisty focus on representing subcontractors in construction litigation, Hardisty’s goal is to develop new relationships with attorneys that represent developers and homeowners association and in turn, represent them as their expert in construction litigation.

Hardisty’s team is composed of experts from across the construction and legal fields. Each of these individuals contributes their particular expertise, creating an eminently thorough, concentrated and effective approach to every case.